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A Passionate Team!


X-fun's home is rauris, a beautiful sleepy town in the heart of the austrian alps, but the mountain comes alive with the adrenaline fueled acrtivities we offer. Rauris was once the heart of austrias gold rush and the tranquil river running down from Kolm Saigurn provides a breathtaking backdrop for whichever thrilling activity you choose...


We offer a range of activities suitable for everyone. For those that like the sensation of speed we have scooter and bockerl, and for those more inclined to get up high we have the hochseilgarten, indoor climbing centre, beer crate climbing and zipline! For those with looking for an outdoor experience, take the ultimate treasure, geo cashing, a modern take on a classic adventure, or jump on a horse in the horse riding centre a stones throw from the base.


We are a small but passionate team of adventure sports professionals, comitted to providing an excellent fun experienced for all involved!

We look forward to seeing you soon,

The X-fun Rauris team.