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Scooter Tour

An exhilerating adventure through the twists and tuns of the rauris ski area, a short drive with the gondola up is followed by 8kms of downhill fun.


ADULT €25,00 KIDS €20,00

Tree Top Adventure Tour

A hidden treasure in the tranquil upper valley, our tree top adventure tour boasts an array of exciting challenges perched up in the trees, a chance to release the inner monkey.


ADULT €25,00 KIDS €20,00

Bockerl Tour

For the real adrenaline junkie, a device small in size but big in fun.

Looking like the love child of a sledge and an inline skate this device will bring you down the hill in a blaze of excitement.


ADULT €25,00 KIDS €20,00

Combi Tour Scooter & Bockerl

For the downhill enthusiast the perfect combo. 2 seperate routes ensure a thrilling day on the mountain.



ADULTS €45,00 KIDS €35,00

Float Building

An awesome activity for groups, pull together as a team to make a seaworthy vesel that will hold together through a series of water trials and games.


ADULT €30,00 KIDS €25,00

Adventure Program

For the ultimate thrill seaker, our three part program combines downhill fun from both scooters and bockerling with the high rope delights of the tree top adventure tour.


ADULTS €60,00 KIDS €50,00